I’m afraid of a bad weave

As a soon to be 25-year-old woman living in Johannesburg, one real busy city, it is actually so weird had I’ve never worn a weave in my adult stage of life. It’s such a norm, even the white girls in my sister’s primary wore extensions, it’s maybe just cause I’ve never been into that. I have all of a sudden gotten super obsessed with weaves as I’m planning my protective styles for the year.
Everywhere I go there is someone wearing a weave, usually a popular style, so a lot of people looking like bad weave clones. No weave hate just that cheap weaves look so tacky and I never wanted one because of this reason and the major itching. But after some research I’ve learned a lot of care for both synthetic and virgin hair.
I’m not one to spend a lot of money on hair things. The most expensive splurge was on my Toni and Guy Afro straightener which I’m no longer using but will if I make a straight wig. I spend a lot on my natural / sulphate / paraben free products now for such a small quantity but I’m not doing the overuse of products and will not share them except with my daughter who owns me, lol.
When I first saw the December catalog for Jumbo Cash and Carry I was stunned at all the brands and looks. I hardly ever see extensions advertised except for clicks and they mostly feature Frika! Collection and X-pressions which are still very limited and boring.

Specials at the Jumbo Cash and Carry
Specials at the Jumbo Cash and Carry

There are all kinds of products at Jumbo, as Edna told us, brands we wouldn’t find just anywhere. I’m so hoping I can go soon because I know I won’t be leaving empty handed because I can still always get food stuff.

– Serra Kamanga


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