Hair envy and my 2015 hair plan

You know those times you see a head full of gorgeous curls and she’s been on her natural journey for like 3 years and has the largest hair ever don’t you just feel the green monster in you of envy.
I do. I have tons of crushes but extremely hate my hair for not growing to a long enough length, to not bounce into amazing coils of ease around my head. We are so bad for blaming ourselves or our hair.
I’m turning a new leaf to love my hair the way it is, to treat it with constant care that I haven’t been giving it. I need to accept my hair as it is and to help improve it rather than my on and off as I’ve been doing recently.
In 2015 I’ll especially try to set hair goals. Not of length exactly but to follow a healthy hair care routine that suits my hair and my lifestyle. I haven’t been much for trimming and protective styles which I’ll be doing more of this coming year.
I will have a set of different hairstyles that catch my eye because they aren’t too costly and suitable for my personality (I’m a cheapie, so need to be careful especially with hair products and salons).


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