Washing dem Dreads

Hey everyone

So I would like to share how I wash my dreads. I heard about the apple cider rinse when I still had an afro. I suffered from extremely itchy hair when I used to braid or plait my hair. Obviously it was because of pulling but I used to get small bumps on my scalp too. When I started using the apple cider rinse my hair hardly itched and the bumps only came around once in a while.

So now instead of rinsing my hair with apple cider afterwards, I scrub my hair before. Since I have dreads I really want to make sure it stays clean, especially since I style my hair a lot. I’m bad with measurements so I would have to put it this way: for example I was using a full cup of water to rinse my hair, I would fill the cup with ¼ apple cider and ¾ of water. Usually lukewarm.

I would use cotton to scrub my scalp to ensure the oils and dirty surface. It does not take too long to do this process. I just rub my hair with enough pressure to clean it.

I then pour the rest of the rinse over my hair to flush out the dirty. (if you want to rinse after washing then rinse with water afterwards to get rid of the smell)

I then use Marula shampoo to thoroughly wash my dreads. I shampoo my hair twice. The first time I massage my scalps and scratch with my nails to remove all the dirty from the rinse. The second time is really just to ensure its clean.

I then t-shirt dry my hair then squeeze it in section with my t-shirt to wring the water out. I let it air dry because I don’t want heat damage from a dryer.

– Juliet Kamanga


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