Why did I go natural

So where to start…

I don’t know what made me make this choice. I guess deep down I need the chemical root wasn’t working for me. I cut my relaxed hair off and I let it grow. I didn’t have the best hair at first but I just accepted it.

People kept on telling me that I would not survive with my natural hair for long. They kept telling me to relax it because it was “ugly”

I think that pushed me, I had to show the people who thought their God given curls were ugly, that straight hair was the way to ultimate beauty

I don’t have to change a single thing to about myself to be beautiful, I feel my natural hair just enhances it.

I think that is why I decided to go natural.

– Juliets


Braiding My Locks

So I’ve never braided my locks, people told me to wait for the five month mark before braiding them. So I did, my dreads are five and a half months old. Not all have locked yet (how sad!) But most have. I actually feel like I have dreads now.

So braiding the my hair was easy, it’s really the same process as braiding unmated hair but luckily we don’t have to part our hair (oh yeah!) but I had to make sure all loose hairs were twisted into my braid before installing. It took me six hours by myself which isn’t bad I think. I’m still trying to neaten the front out first because my braids are copper I need to make sure not took much dread is visible but with the back it doesn’t matter.

I took one piece of the hair piece and wound it around my dread to hide the top of my hair and to hide a bit more black but it’s hard to hide all of it.

Next time I think I’ll go for dark red then brown.

I used Premium expression made in South Africa and it was horrible. It got very tangled and it definitely wasn’t brush-able. I will never use it again. I prefer Nigerian expression. It’s really tangle free. Another thing with the hair piece I used, it was very shiny. I hate that about it. I shine way too much in the sun. Otherwise it’s alright but I’ll try to never use it again.

HINT: before braid your hair, soak it in apple cider vinegar to remove the chemicals that make your hair itch. Do that for ten minutes then place it in clean water to remove the apple cider for the same amount of time.