Many reasons I love my daughter’s hair

Close up
Top view of Goddess braid

I am very jealous of my daughter’s hair at times. It is I who looks after her and her hair but I really think that we both have different reactions to different products. What I do to my hair won’t work on hers. What I do to hers won’t always work on mine. I try to keep natural with what I use on her head so most of it is homemade or simple.

Her hair loves Aloe Vera and castor oil especially. When making flaxseed gel I mix the gel with Aloe Vera concentrate which I purchase from (Dischem, I also get my seeds from there.) The mix gives a great hold and holds in moisture for the twists (usually what I would use the gel for).

Most recently I’ve avoided using the two on my daughter’s hair just to see what effect it had on her. I have to say, just with elimination, you can really tell what each product really contributes to your hair type and regimen.

I’m not a person who really wants to know my exact hair type, I just know it is type 4. I know her hair is coily all the way through her head. The back gets dry the easiest because of her rubbing the back of her head, can’t manage to get her used to having her hair tied in a satin scarf or using a wrap on her pillow. She hates it and cries if I try to trick her in the middle of the night. She has a bamboo memory foam pillow which she has been using for a year now but I’m hating it because it has become prone to pulling and loosens itself on her hair, so she always has long bits of it in her hair and clothes.Front view

I’m still experimenting with a few new methods and ways to get a happy wash day for my daughter without fights so that I can maintain her cutesy coily hair all week long.

– Serra


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