Soft Hair Problems

My dreads are six months old now, they’ll be seven months in about 9 days. They’ve finally locked which is amazing especially because of the struggle I’ve faced with them. I have very soft hair, I didn’t know this until everyone who tried to dread my hair told me it would take quite a while to get them to lock. Every time I removed a style they would practically be half dreads, either the end was lose or the roots were (and not even just from growth). Now i only have a problem with four out of seventy – eight (I think! lol)

So my soft hair is not being so stubborn anymore. If you are like me and half very soft hair just know that it will take longer than people with coarse hair but it will work out. I used to be jealous of my friend who started her dreads with me. Hers locked within a month and a half. Her pattern disappeared within three. It took me six months and lots of patience. Do not strain your hair, let it happen naturally. I stress for no reason. I loooooove my dreads right now. And please enjoy your length, they will grow soon but short dreads are so cute. Have fun with them.

🙂 Juliet


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