How I struggled with Matting in braids

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have experienced some difficulty in keeping protective styles in for longer than 4 weeks because of locing. I personally had to deal with a nightmare detangling session once I had taken down my yarn braids back in August 2014.

It is one of the hardest things to deal with because the process of removing means detangling slowly and gently, and for some people you may end up having the most serious frustration every because of time it takes to deal with it.

I think be properly prepared before installing any long term style will be much better than the aftermath of neglect. Also not to do anything too thin and also not to keep in for extended periods of time.

For the micro braids look I think trying to do them with a crochet braid method would be much better for you. It would take less time to install and remove, as well as not harming your hair in the same way.

I would also recommend not using certain types of gels and pomades in your hair that are likely to freeze your hair into that style. It was very difficult when I took down my yarn braids because the yarn was locd onto my hair and it was just really bad.

You’d also want to focus more on your scalp than your hair when washing in these styles. It will mean that your hair will not curl into itself and the extension and fight its way out while really just wrapping around whatever you braid with.

I would also recommend thorough detangling and deep conditioning help to make your hair softer to avoid it drying out and matting.

I can’t remember where I read this tip from but it was also a really good one. While taking out your braids, detangle as you go. This is for people who really have time. The type of people who will know that even with these teeny tiny braids, they will take forever, but it does help. Just have some detangler spray or some conditioner / Aloe Vera and Water mix, spray and detangle, from the bottom up, making sure that you love your hair. You don’t want your hands to be another reason you aren’t retaining length.



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