Things I learned about natural hair (the hard way)

When trial and error gets you the best answers. Here is a blogger who learned the hard/long way to really understand her hair. I’m still on my path on seeing what methods work for my life and my hair.
Love thy curls

Valeria Exalta

I will never say this enough. Having natural hair is not easy. BUT, never in my life I was happier with my hair than I am today. So I decided to share a little of what I learned about my beloved hair by getting it wrong so many times.

Combing the hair is a big MUST

For a long time I would just run through the hair with my fingers and that was it. But then my hair got all tangled up and I would try to comb it after it was dry and it was a total disaster. Until I learned how it’s done: first, you run you fingers trough your hair while you are shampooing to start untangling it, always starting from the ends and walking your way up to the roots. Then I comb it after I apply the conditioner, always from ends to roots. When I…

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2 thoughts on “Things I learned about natural hair (the hard way)”

    1. Hi there, I haven’t had them done by a professional, straight up DIYer, but I’m sure there are a few places that may offer it now. I’ll do some research then get back to you.


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