Clicks Afri-True


Morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend. As the month end is approaching I had to get my budgeting on and had a look over at Pricecheck to view catalogs from some of the stores I shop to price compare. What surprised me the most was the look of a new Natural Hair product range from Clicks: I didn’t know what surprised me more than anything, the look of a curly head girl or the excitement when I knew what was coming.

I don’t know really if I will be excited. Will go in store to actually have a look at the ingredients, and smell it just to see what I feel about it before adding it to my Buy List for Apr 2015.

Now I’d like to actually see all the posts that do come featuring this product so I can get a few comments.

Have a good week


2 thoughts on “Clicks Afri-True”

  1. I actually just went to buy some Afri True products. couldn’t believe how affordable they are. Now I’m going to try them and see how good they are. Will keep you informed.


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