Our Hair Product Stash


So I finally took the time to compile some pictures to show what kind of products I use and have at home for me, my sister and my daughter. We make most of our own from natural products, but there are some products that I have been trying out that help with specific looks and such. Also from the date that I took these photos I have acquired a few more products as well. I also have a stash of hair extensions that I’ve been trying to experiment with but haven’t had the confidence to actually rock. What I’ll do is make wigs out of most of them and then see from there. Don’t think I’ll wear them to work anytime soon, but if they are good enough, I’ll rock on my days out.

This is my list so far, won’t add prices yet, will kind of edit along the way to give you an idea of home much each are and how long it may take to use in my routine.  Also note, not everything in these pictures is the full list of products in our house, some are not yet pictured, other are pictured but currently not in use for reasons.


  • Just click the image to view the caption for the name of the products if you can’t view from the image



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