Diy Goddess Locs

So with all my long-term protective styles, I did my goddess locs on my own again, without help, but still in the wrapping stages. I didn’t account for the very social weekends that was my Easter break, as I usually am a home body, but I’d done all my individual braids and rocked them in a bun for a couple days before starting to wrap, but then I had trouble with the hair extensions that I purchased, being to slippery, over the X-pression hair (which I used as the braids/base), and so I had to also be more creative with rocking my hair half done.

I’d been looking at a few turban / head scarf wraps that could work but I don’t own many scarf but I think I’ll actually get a few metres of fabric when I go into the fashion district (Pritchard Street). But my follow up post will be a collection of headscarf styles, and then hopefully this weekend the final look of my diy goddess locs.

Also I must mention that I’m adapting @beautycanbraid and @hairbymason s’ tutorials to do my own, which I will explain properly in my post to come.


Has anyone done their own goddess locs, or would anyone know of a tutorial better than the ladies mentioned above?


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