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A lover of knowledge and people. I love to read up on cultures and cyber stalk my fav bloggers. I'm a mother to a wonderful little girl, Tiwa. I've set a goal to be much healthier by June 2015 vs my downwards spiral. I also am growing out my hair longer and healthier so I'll be documenting all of that here.

Diy Goddess Locs

So with all my long-term protective styles, I did my goddess locs on my own again, without help, but still in the wrapping stages. I didn’t account for the very social weekends that was my Easter break, as I usually am a home body, but I’d done all my individual braids and rocked them in a bun for a couple days before starting to wrap, but then I had trouble with the hair extensions that I purchased, being to slippery, over the X-pression hair (which I used as the braids/base), and so I had to also be more creative with rocking my hair half done.

I’d been looking at a few turban / head scarf wraps that could work but I don’t own many scarf but I think I’ll actually get a few metres of fabric when I go into the fashion district (Pritchard Street). But my follow up post will be a collection of headscarf styles, and then hopefully this weekend the final look of my diy goddess locs.

Also I must mention that I’m adapting @beautycanbraid and @hairbymason s’ tutorials to do my own, which I will explain properly in my post to come.


Has anyone done their own goddess locs, or would anyone know of a tutorial better than the ladies mentioned above?


Faux Locs – Variety

With all the need for something unique, as well as something that can pull off as natural as the hair that’s grown from your head there have been many variations popping up all over for how you can achieve a banging hairstyle, and/ or a hairstyle that no one can really tell is fake or not, until you take it off obviously.

I’ve been looking around for some protective looks and come by so many people who have achieved stunning looks. There are bob faux locs, goddess locs, marley locs, human hair locs (which some keep in as perm extensions) and so many more out there. I’ve already tried the yarn locs at some point but they are so heavy, and I’d do them so much different next time, as I’ve learned a lot with research.

Below are a few images to inspire you on what kind of faux locs you can give a shot. And the amount of tutorials out there are plentiful. Just do some research depending on your hair type and your desired look. Don’t just jump in like I’ve done at times. And especially with certain looks, there is a required amount of preparation before. But also remember there is a quick version, crochet style, so don’t fret. Many salons are also able to achieve this look but the price I can’t confirm as well, area and skill play a part in that.



@_natalyn two tone faux dreadlocks with jewelry


@Et Cetera

Faux Locs tutorial EtCetera




Find more instagram looks on:

Trends for 2016 – first quarter

Hi All, 

So I’ve been so obsessed with a few looks lately which have been blowing up online. So here I’ve got a few images and tutorial links to share to accomplish on your own (I’m a straight up DIYer)


My number favourite style at the moment is the Faux Goddess Locs. The style is accomplished by using human hair for a light and natural looking faux loc, which is especially suitable for relaxed or straight hair, or people looking for a softer faux loc look. I think it’s great and over time several more have attempted to copy the look inspired by Megan Good and created by Dr Kari Williams – she has a pay for tutorial to learn for those who may want to do so for salon clients.

What I like about this look is the lightness and also that it provides an alternative for many of us who are looking for a different look when it comes to faux locs, I’ll follow up with a post on the many alternative looks of faux locs. They are considered bohemian locs, a la Lisa Bonet, as well. 

Megan Good /Dr Kari Williams work
Lisa Bonnet and @a.mela.goddess

Goddess Locs – Tutorial


The second style I’ve seen trending is the cubic twist braid/ 3d split twist, which is an already twisted extension suitable for crochet styles, which can be worn as braids or loosened up. There are many who have already reviewed and linked this themselves.

Afri Naptural 3d split twist / cubic twist


Cubic Twist – Beautycanbraid

The third, which I would still need to practice a heck load of times off my head before trying it on, is the 4d braid (coined by Hair by Mason) but I’d rather call it the traditional box braid before box braids became three strand braids. I literally don’t remember when the term box braids became so loose. But if you can also search box braid or round braid, this is typically the look, which is similar to style two – cubic twists – but well, I don’t know, the cubic twists are more Senegalese twists twisted twice (say that three times faster, lol).


Instagram media by hairbymason - Hey yawl 👋🏾🖐🏾 | #4dboxbraids


The 4d braids by HairbyMason

So there are the trending looks, and links and check them out and tell me what you think . What other looks do you think are blowing up at the moment. 



Babyliss Twist Secret

I was browsing Clicks Beauty Fair Catalogue on and came by the following hair tool. I was so curious when I saw it to know if anyone would every try to use such on their afro hair. The pro for straight hair is that all smooth and slips easily, for someone with afro hair I’d think that it would easily tangle up. But there is a chance that it wouldn’t at the same.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could do your twists in a flash though. You’d have my entire head done up in thin twists without actually having the ache of having your hands up in your hair for so long. I’m just imagining what the Quann twins go through.

Babyliss Twist Secret
Babyliss Twist Secret

More Hair Envy

   Long relaxed hair

I work with a mix race and culture group. Of the people who work with me I have 6 other black women working with us. On the start of coming here I had braids in my hair. Before having those braids I had not braided my hair for about 2 years. Yes, some think it’s very odd, especially here in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Since then I’ve done a whole bunch of styles on my head with my own hair and also using kinky afro twist extensions. I have been reluctant to try other styles as of yet. Still need to research how to protect my hair from damage. I especially have damage from matting and that could be a simple 4 weeks wear of braids that cause me to have some locs developing in my hair. I especially hated trying out yarn braids because of that as well. They were so difficult to take out, my hair loced up so much and I really didn’t know why it was so tangled up, but I’m going to be trying to incorporate all the methods I’ve been using now towards making my hair less likely to loc.
Most recently I’ve started using ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and LOC Method in order to assist with my hair manageability. I hate having my hair curl in on itself and tangle and these two methods, as well as finger detangling have helped me in many ways to avoid crazy matting in my hair such as September 2014 when I had taken off my braids using synthetic hair fibre.
I’m really trying to stick to healthy hair practices and sometimes you can eye the next person next to you and find that they have actually grown a lot of hair hiding it under their weaves and right after taking it out they relax. I know for a fact relaxers, if done incorrectly can damage, I’m not heading down that road. What irks me is to see them grow their hair and have very little difficulty with it after all that abuse to it. I swear some people don’t see the bad side of hiding your hair for months and then relaxing it straight afterwards. I couldn’t imagine myself doing such. The ladies in my office colour, weave, perm and relax their hair so often that I ask myself how come others don’t feel the pain of hair like I do.
As I’ve learned these ladies don’t exactly follow any of these hair practices like myself, never researching what is a good product to put in their hair, but instead just do as they please for fashion and come out with little or no visible damage.
This is one of my forms of hair envy. Why does the smallest thing affect my hair when others can get away with it? I hope it won’t be forever me dealing with difficulty. I’m working of finding the right products (raw and all) for my hair so that I can easily plait and detangle as well as keep it moist.

Does anyone else out there find they get hair envy?
– Serra

Hair butter Recipes

The blacker the berry.................

You know that I love hair recipes. So I was browsing courtney’s hair journey, when I came across a post about hair butter recipes. You know that i just had to post it. 🙂

Recipe for hair pomade (Sweetcocoa’s Hair Butter):
4 oz of shea butter(unrefined)- melted in microwave…
to which I added the following –
1 tablespoon of amla oil
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of castor oil
1 tablespoon of almond oil
10 drops of rosemary oil
2 tablespoons of aloe vera oil
I put it in the refrigerator to harden. Then take it out and let it come to room temperature. It should be nice and creamy(or if you prefer leave it hardened…works both ways). This is very rich so a little goes a long way. I only apply it to my hair. Works best on damp hair.

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Clicks Afri-True


Morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend. As the month end is approaching I had to get my budgeting on and had a look over at Pricecheck to view catalogs from some of the stores I shop to price compare. What surprised me the most was the look of a new Natural Hair product range from Clicks: I didn’t know what surprised me more than anything, the look of a curly head girl or the excitement when I knew what was coming.

I don’t know really if I will be excited. Will go in store to actually have a look at the ingredients, and smell it just to see what I feel about it before adding it to my Buy List for Apr 2015.

Now I’d like to actually see all the posts that do come featuring this product so I can get a few comments.

Have a good week