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The Mini Braid Method

I came across Jay, of The Mini Braid Method a few weeks ago and thought it was a simple, cost effective and easy DIY way to look after your hair. Why shouldn’t you be able to simply plait down your hair into single braids for a few weeks at a time when really busy and be able to rock it as a protective style.

I have currently put in some single plaits (no extensions) which I used to do in big plaits, just 4 chunky ones on each quadrant of my head. Now I’ve got these little braids, which I will turn into a braid out on Sunday night and rock for about 3 days before doing these mini braids again.

It isn’t a method like the curly girl or max hydration method. It’s more of a practiced protective style, to put your fragile strands away with not added pressure from extensions and with easy access to your scalp. I like this method. I just have to get used to actually plaiting my hair like this on a regular basis. But I don’t think I will go week by week like this. I think that I’ll just incorporate this between long term protective styles.

With this braid you would also want to twist the ends as it becomes easier to remove versus braiding all the way down, which can be a little difficult for you to remove without using tools.

Jay – The Mini Braid Method

The blogger who coined the term is Jay. She isn’t really a braids only person. She does also do other styles and documents her method of maintaining length on her website

Here is a link to her latest post with her latest length (MBL – while in braids).

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