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   Long relaxed hair

I work with a mix race and culture group. Of the people who work with me I have 6 other black women working with us. On the start of coming here I had braids in my hair. Before having those braids I had not braided my hair for about 2 years. Yes, some think it’s very odd, especially here in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Since then I’ve done a whole bunch of styles on my head with my own hair and also using kinky afro twist extensions. I have been reluctant to try other styles as of yet. Still need to research how to protect my hair from damage. I especially have damage from matting and that could be a simple 4 weeks wear of braids that cause me to have some locs developing in my hair. I especially hated trying out yarn braids because of that as well. They were so difficult to take out, my hair loced up so much and I really didn’t know why it was so tangled up, but I’m going to be trying to incorporate all the methods I’ve been using now towards making my hair less likely to loc.
Most recently I’ve started using ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and LOC Method in order to assist with my hair manageability. I hate having my hair curl in on itself and tangle and these two methods, as well as finger detangling have helped me in many ways to avoid crazy matting in my hair such as September 2014 when I had taken off my braids using synthetic hair fibre.
I’m really trying to stick to healthy hair practices and sometimes you can eye the next person next to you and find that they have actually grown a lot of hair hiding it under their weaves and right after taking it out they relax. I know for a fact relaxers, if done incorrectly can damage, I’m not heading down that road. What irks me is to see them grow their hair and have very little difficulty with it after all that abuse to it. I swear some people don’t see the bad side of hiding your hair for months and then relaxing it straight afterwards. I couldn’t imagine myself doing such. The ladies in my office colour, weave, perm and relax their hair so often that I ask myself how come others don’t feel the pain of hair like I do.
As I’ve learned these ladies don’t exactly follow any of these hair practices like myself, never researching what is a good product to put in their hair, but instead just do as they please for fashion and come out with little or no visible damage.
This is one of my forms of hair envy. Why does the smallest thing affect my hair when others can get away with it? I hope it won’t be forever me dealing with difficulty. I’m working of finding the right products (raw and all) for my hair so that I can easily plait and detangle as well as keep it moist.

Does anyone else out there find they get hair envy?
– Serra