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Faux Locs – Variety

With all the need for something unique, as well as something that can pull off as natural as the hair that’s grown from your head there have been many variations popping up all over for how you can achieve a banging hairstyle, and/ or a hairstyle that no one can really tell is fake or not, until you take it off obviously.

I’ve been looking around for some protective looks and come by so many people who have achieved stunning looks. There are bob faux locs, goddess locs, marley locs, human hair locs (which some keep in as perm extensions) and so many more out there. I’ve already tried the yarn locs at some point but they are so heavy, and I’d do them so much different next time, as I’ve learned a lot with research.

Below are a few images to inspire you on what kind of faux locs you can give a shot. And the amount of tutorials out there are plentiful. Just do some research depending on your hair type and your desired look. Don’t just jump in like I’ve done at times. And especially with certain looks, there is a required amount of preparation before. But also remember there is a quick version, crochet style, so don’t fret. Many salons are also able to achieve this look but the price I can’t confirm as well, area and skill play a part in that.



@_natalyn two tone faux dreadlocks with jewelry


@Et Cetera

Faux Locs tutorial EtCetera




Find more instagram looks on:


Trends for 2016 – first quarter

Hi All, 

So I’ve been so obsessed with a few looks lately which have been blowing up online. So here I’ve got a few images and tutorial links to share to accomplish on your own (I’m a straight up DIYer)


My number favourite style at the moment is the Faux Goddess Locs. The style is accomplished by using human hair for a light and natural looking faux loc, which is especially suitable for relaxed or straight hair, or people looking for a softer faux loc look. I think it’s great and over time several more have attempted to copy the look inspired by Megan Good and created by Dr Kari Williams – she has a pay for tutorial to learn for those who may want to do so for salon clients.

What I like about this look is the lightness and also that it provides an alternative for many of us who are looking for a different look when it comes to faux locs, I’ll follow up with a post on the many alternative looks of faux locs. They are considered bohemian locs, a la Lisa Bonet, as well. 

Megan Good /Dr Kari Williams work
Lisa Bonnet and @a.mela.goddess

Goddess Locs – Tutorial


The second style I’ve seen trending is the cubic twist braid/ 3d split twist, which is an already twisted extension suitable for crochet styles, which can be worn as braids or loosened up. There are many who have already reviewed and linked this themselves.

Afri Naptural 3d split twist / cubic twist


Cubic Twist – Beautycanbraid

The third, which I would still need to practice a heck load of times off my head before trying it on, is the 4d braid (coined by Hair by Mason) but I’d rather call it the traditional box braid before box braids became three strand braids. I literally don’t remember when the term box braids became so loose. But if you can also search box braid or round braid, this is typically the look, which is similar to style two – cubic twists – but well, I don’t know, the cubic twists are more Senegalese twists twisted twice (say that three times faster, lol).


Instagram media by hairbymason - Hey yawl 👋🏾🖐🏾 | #4dboxbraids


The 4d braids by HairbyMason

So there are the trending looks, and links and check them out and tell me what you think . What other looks do you think are blowing up at the moment. 



The Mini Braid Method

I came across Jay, of The Mini Braid Method a few weeks ago and thought it was a simple, cost effective and easy DIY way to look after your hair. Why shouldn’t you be able to simply plait down your hair into single braids for a few weeks at a time when really busy and be able to rock it as a protective style.

I have currently put in some single plaits (no extensions) which I used to do in big plaits, just 4 chunky ones on each quadrant of my head. Now I’ve got these little braids, which I will turn into a braid out on Sunday night and rock for about 3 days before doing these mini braids again.

It isn’t a method like the curly girl or max hydration method. It’s more of a practiced protective style, to put your fragile strands away with not added pressure from extensions and with easy access to your scalp. I like this method. I just have to get used to actually plaiting my hair like this on a regular basis. But I don’t think I will go week by week like this. I think that I’ll just incorporate this between long term protective styles.

With this braid you would also want to twist the ends as it becomes easier to remove versus braiding all the way down, which can be a little difficult for you to remove without using tools.

Jay – The Mini Braid Method

The blogger who coined the term is Jay. She isn’t really a braids only person. She does also do other styles and documents her method of maintaining length on her website

Here is a link to her latest post with her latest length (MBL – while in braids).

  • Serra

Soft Hair Problems

My dreads are six months old now, they’ll be seven months in about 9 days. They’ve finally locked which is amazing especially because of the struggle I’ve faced with them. I have very soft hair, I didn’t know this until everyone who tried to dread my hair told me it would take quite a while to get them to lock. Every time I removed a style they would practically be half dreads, either the end was lose or the roots were (and not even just from growth). Now i only have a problem with four out of seventy – eight (I think! lol)

So my soft hair is not being so stubborn anymore. If you are like me and half very soft hair just know that it will take longer than people with coarse hair but it will work out. I used to be jealous of my friend who started her dreads with me. Hers locked within a month and a half. Her pattern disappeared within three. It took me six months and lots of patience. Do not strain your hair, let it happen naturally. I stress for no reason. I loooooove my dreads right now. And please enjoy your length, they will grow soon but short dreads are so cute. Have fun with them.

🙂 Juliet

Why did I go natural

So where to start…

I don’t know what made me make this choice. I guess deep down I need the chemical root wasn’t working for me. I cut my relaxed hair off and I let it grow. I didn’t have the best hair at first but I just accepted it.

People kept on telling me that I would not survive with my natural hair for long. They kept telling me to relax it because it was “ugly”

I think that pushed me, I had to show the people who thought their God given curls were ugly, that straight hair was the way to ultimate beauty

I don’t have to change a single thing to about myself to be beautiful, I feel my natural hair just enhances it.

I think that is why I decided to go natural.

– Juliets

Hair envy and my 2015 hair plan

You know those times you see a head full of gorgeous curls and she’s been on her natural journey for like 3 years and has the largest hair ever don’t you just feel the green monster in you of envy.
I do. I have tons of crushes but extremely hate my hair for not growing to a long enough length, to not bounce into amazing coils of ease around my head. We are so bad for blaming ourselves or our hair.
I’m turning a new leaf to love my hair the way it is, to treat it with constant care that I haven’t been giving it. I need to accept my hair as it is and to help improve it rather than my on and off as I’ve been doing recently.
In 2015 I’ll especially try to set hair goals. Not of length exactly but to follow a healthy hair care routine that suits my hair and my lifestyle. I haven’t been much for trimming and protective styles which I’ll be doing more of this coming year.
I will have a set of different hairstyles that catch my eye because they aren’t too costly and suitable for my personality (I’m a cheapie, so need to be careful especially with hair products and salons).