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It loves my hair and I love it

I’ve got food allergies and as a result it’s necessary for me to avoid certain types of foods internally and externally. So all these nut oils naturalista loving, I have to avoid. I don’t have a full set of things that I’m allergic to as some are environmental.
I need to be careful of also learning if something reacts to my hair I need to eliminate all products (homemade and store bought) that I’ve just introduced to my hair, and bring one at a time back to seek the culprit.
But after some time I avoided whole new products. Just the occasional new thing or ‘replacement’ products is allowed when I run out of the good things.
So I lack option in a large number of easily resourced store bought items and just have to learn to find the best staples for mine and TT’s hair.
We both like:

  • glycerine
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • flaxseed gel

I really like to keep these in our basic hair regimen, it’s necessary our hair doesn’t get dry or tangle easily. During wash day especially each of these products are used to maintain our curls.


What are some of your staple everyday products?

– Serra